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Please register for all our events via our Dance Comp Genie Site

You can find the Dance Comp Genie link on the front page of the website. Good luck and make sure to read over all rules and regulations before entering our events! Dream Big Live Big - Team 5678

*** (D4YLE) - (this is info for Dance For Your Life Extreme ONLY)

1. Categories

Ballet - to include technique and classical ballet steps, pointe work can only be performed in our 15yrs+ category.

Lyrical - classical & modern technique most be shown throughout routine. Story telling elements are key and all leaps jumps etc must be performed safely. No more than 2 TRICKS (Hands and feet off the ground at one time, ie aerials handspring’s etc) to be included in the routine.

Street Dance - foundations of hip hop, popping, locking, breaking, house, waackin, etc. *Commercial dance IS NOT STREET DANCE and will be moved to the ANYTHING GOES SECTION of the competition if the judges see fit.

Tap - use of tap technique and have a strong understanding of basic steps. You must make clear sounds over music.

Jazz- solid jazz technique & foundations, use of splits, kicks, musicality is key etc

Acro Dance - Acro dance routines should be exactly that, a blend of acrobatic moves and dance steps seamlessly blended together to create a DANCE piece. This should not be a gym floor routine. All tricks must be performed at the dancers level and capability. No more than 2 aerials (side/front etc) per routine.

Anything goes - it is exactly that - ANYTHING GOES

Tap Battles & Experimental battles - 1v1 45secs 2 rounds each (in the case of a draw you will have 1 more round to dance)

TAKE NOTE TEACHERS - These moves MUST ONLY be performed by competitors that are fully trained to do so. If your dancer is not capable of these we WILL NOT be held responsible for any injury caused during performances.

2. Entries

  • Solo 1 performer

  • Duet 2 performers

  • Trio 3 performers

  • Standard group 5-14 performers

  • Large group 15 + performers / 26 performers MAX


Need to know info

Basic Entry Level - OPEN

You must enter open level if you have competed before on any stage. If this is your first 5678 event you must enter OPEN level until placed into Elite Categories.

ELITE SOLOS ONLY - If you have placed 1st to 3rd in 5678 Elite Dance Competions you MAY enter the Elite level of the competition NOTE: YOU CAN NOT ENTER THE OPEN SECTION IF YOU ENTER ELITE FOR A SOLO.

Anything goes Elite - Street Dance, Musical Theatre, Song & Dance, Character, Tap, Jazz, Acro Dance.

Performance & Technique Elite - Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary

NOVICE - SOLOS ONLY - This will be a special section for first timers and beginners ONLY. If you have competed once already at 5678 you must move into the open solo section.If you enter at novice level in P&T or AG you CAN NOT enter any other open solo category in that event. PLEASE NOTE YOU CAN ONLY ENTRY 2 CATEGORIES IN THE NOVICE SECTION. (There will be NO DUOS,TRIOS OR GROUP NOVICE SECTIONS)

Anything goes Novice - Street Dance, Musical Theatre, Song & Dance, Character, Tap, Jazz, Acro Dance.

Performance & Technique Novice - Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary

3. Time limits

  • Novice solos 1.30 secs

  • Open/Elite solos 2.00 mins

  • Duets 2.00 mins

  • Trios/Quads 2.00 mins

  • Standard group 5-14ppl 3.00 mins

  • Large group 15-24ppl 3.30 mins

  • SHOWCASE - 5mins

There will be NO exceptions when it comes to music - 5 seconds grace maximum.

You CAN NOT purchase extra time.

4. Age categories

  • 6 & under

  • 9 & under

  • 12 & under

  • 14 & under

  • 16 & under

  • Over 17

You must compete in the correct age category for your age on the day of the competition. Competitors must compete in the age group of the oldest member in the group. Incase a protest arises due to age concerns please be prepared to show proof of age. All protests must be signed and presented in writing within one hour of the incident to the director of 5678.

5. Number of Entries

Solos are restricted to 2 per person. DUBLIN 2023

There are only 25 spaces available in each category. After that categories are split into A & B.

Categories with 12 or more entries will be given a HIGHLY COMMENDED award for 4th & 5th place.

6. Music

All music should be uploaded to Dance Comp Genie before the event.

7. Dance for your life

  • 14 & Under Saturday

  • 15+ Sunday

8. Awards

  • 5678 Superstar Award Junior and Senior (paid award)

  • Junior and Senior overall Costume Award (paid award)

  • Outstanding Producer

  • Spirit of 5678

  • Judges Choice Award

  • Junior and Senior Most Promising Dancer

  • 10 Top Overall Solos

  • 10 Top Overall Groups

***Awards may vary at different venues.

9. General information and rules

You are not considered a registered competitor unless we have received payment in full and we remain the right to turn away any dancer at anytime that has not paid. If you send entries to 5678 and pull these entries out less that 20days before the competition you will be charged 50% of your entry fees. Entires will be processed on a first come, first served basis and will be limited to the amount of performance time available. All entries MUST be paid in FULL before your entries will be processed. €50 registration fee per studio for DCG does apply.

10. Showcase Rules & Regulations


Saturday night - O’Reilly Theatre

On the Showcase stage

An evening of performance, showcasing the best dancers in the country

Hosted by 5678

Performed by The Dancers from the North and South of Ireland


Each school may perform 1 Piece

Time limit 5 Minutes maximum (No minimum Length)

There is NO LIMIT to the number of dancers in your piece, however we do ask you to be mindful of the size of the stage.

There is NO age limit or category. THE SHOWCASE is open to ALL ages, abilities and styles.

All other rules and regulations of the 5678 elite dance competition apply to “THE SHOWCASE” regarding child protection, injury and use of props

Theme: 2023

With each new iteration of the showcase, a new theme will be chosen to tie our evening of performance together

This Showcases theme will be “STORIES”

This theme may be interpreted HOWEVER you like. There are no wrong answers, this merely acts as a tool to guide your creative process and inspire all of the artists taking part in THE SHOWCASE.


€22.50 soloist

€25 per Duo

€30 per Trio & Quad

€11.50 Per Dancer per group 5ppl or more


Music must be uploaded by our deadline. You WILL NOT be permitted to play music from a phone, laptop etc.

Music cannot contain Profanity or Inappropriate language - This will be at the discretion of THE SHOWCASE team to decide.


Performance Award - €200

Creativity Award - €200

Judges Choice - €200

Judged by a panel of elite Judges, no score sheets - judges select winners based on overall performance on the night.


The creative team behind your piece will be credited in our programme

List of creative team and credits must be sent to our team before the agreed deadline in the following format: Choreographer(s) - Joe Bloggs. Dancer(s) - Rhys Devlin, Annika Drennan etc

You may include any additional credits to those that made your piece possible eg Original Music, Costume design etc

We aim to use the showcase to support artists so accurate accreditation to the creatives behind these pieces is of the utmost importance.

Once payments are made there will be no refunds all payments are non refundable.

Dublin 9th & 10th September 2023 O’Reilly Theatre Dublin City Centre

Prices TBC

  • Ireland 2023

  • Solo €26

  • Duo €32

  • Trio €36

  • Quad €44

  • Standard Group €12/PP

  • Large Group €10/PP

  • Dance for you Life - €7 per person

  • Special Superstar Award €7

  • Special Costume Award €7

Child protection

The taking of photographs or filming competitors is not permitted during the competition unless you are a registered videographer for your school. These measures are for the safety and protection of all dancers. You may become a registered videographer for your school by getting your teacher to bring you to the front desk at the events and you will only be allowed to video the children from your school if they are the only competitors on the stage. We have onsite photographers for 5678 and they will be snapping pictures all day long and they will be available for you have free of charge from our Facebook page after the event. If you wish not to be photographed please make sure you inform your teacher in charge of the school you attend and they can bring it to our attention.

5678 Elite Dance Competition and the hosting facility are not responsible for personal injury or loss of property.

Spectators/competitors are expected to treat all dancers with respect and refrain from causing interruptions during performances.

No dangerous props may be used on stage such as fire, swords, knives, or live animals permitted on stage at any time. General props i.e. chairs, tables etc are allowed. No liquids, gels, powder, glitter or confetti which may affect the stage surface, may be used in a routine. If you DO NOT adhere to these rules you WILL be disqualified. Props must be set up and removed in a short time frame. Please notify the stage manager if you are using props.

All independent judges decisions are final. All Times are subject to change over the weekend.

Disclaimer - the organisers/promoters DO NOT accept responsibility for loss of any personal items, or for any personal injuries sustained while taking part in the event. The organisers/promoters reserve the right to refuse admission to any person at any event.