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5678 Elite Competitions are Ireland’s biggest dance events - an exhilarating, feelgood weekend packed with creativity, learning and support. There’s nothing quite like it.

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A celebration of artistry and inclusion

5678 Elite Competitions bring together the best dancers and dance schools from across Ireland. They’re unlike any other festival or dancing competition, because there’s much more to them than just competing. By rewarding creativity, individuality and artistry we show that learning, fun and inclusion are as enjoyable and important as winning cups or medals. The competition is aimed at children and young adults talented in a range of dance forms including ballet, street, jazz, lyrical, acro and many more.


“Dance Mum - An amazing group of people working hard to make sure everyone has a thrilling time. First time I have ever been spectating while my daughters first time competing and I would highly recommend going. The kids are the first and foremost the highlight of the day,which are encouraged and welcomed by all the event staff. Thank you.”

“Dance mum - Not one to usually leave reviews but just want to say what a great competition with amazing staff!!! After 3 years off from comps my daughter was TERRIFIED to get on stage on Saturday, every member of staff that we dealt with was so kind patient and encouraging especially the announcer/presenter in the wings, really calmed her. She got out there and loved it. What a great first experience. Thank you.”

“Dance Teacher- 5678 is a hilight of the dance year for students, teachers and parents. As a teacher the competition provides the most positive space for dancers, each routine that goes on the floor is encouraged by every single judge and they fully emerge themselves with the performer. Clare, Annika and 5678 team run the slickest event we have ever attended and are there for all teachers and performers!!”

CREATE: 5678 summed up in one word

Creativity is at the heart of 5678. So much so that the experiences we promise can be summed up by the word CREATE – each letter standing for one of our six key principles:

Community. Respect. Education. Artistry. Talent. Expertise.

The Showcase 5 minutes that could last a lifetime

The Showcase is an anything-goes exploration of your team’s wildest, most creative choreography and movement. A five-minute routine with no limits on age, numbers, style or experience. Just take inspiration from our Showcase theme and away you go. It’s an awesome way to promote the individuality of your dance school, unleash its talent and make an everlasting memory for everyone involved. Oh, and there are cash prizes to be won as well.

Dance For Your Life Learn it or lose it

Dance For Your Life is an open competition that mimics a professional audition, the only difference is that this version takes place in our live auditorium in front of hundreds of people. It’s a thrilling, adrenaline-fuelled knock-out where every dancer is performing to keep their place on the stage. You learn the dance from our professional judge in just 30 minutes. Then you perform it again and again in a dance-off until just one performer remains. Will it be you? There’s only one way to find out.

Everyone is welcome

Competition entry is open to everyone. It’s simple and transparent with no hidden fees. Honesty and transparency are key to us. Once you’re in, you’re in.

Everyone is a winner

There are enough trophies and prizes for every entrant, so no-one goes home empty handed. And with scholarships, mentoring, and stacks of other stuff going on, there’s more than one way to walk away a winner.

Everyone is loved

We ensure every single performer gets plenty of cheers and applause, because we believe that’s what everyone deserves. Our mantra to our audience is simple: ‘Cheer or you’ll be out on your ear’.

Become a sponsor

Our sponsor packages will be available from July 2023. Could you be the next person or company to bring a young dancers dream info reality?



All Ireland

February 2024
Theatre At The Mill Newtownabbey

Take It To The Floor

April 19th & 21st 2024
Team Dance Championships - Northern Ireland

Belfast Big

May 10th, 11th & 12th 2024
The Mac Theatre Belfast City Centre

Dublin Big Weekender

11th & 12th October 2024

Jamz NI - Hip Hop Event

November 2024
Belfast N.I