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5678 Elite Competition

Dublin 28th, 29th & 30th October 2022

Scientology Community Centre Tallaght

8 Dance

6 Age

5 Performance

1 v 1

Dance for
your life

6 Special

2 Top 10

Everyone is welcome

Competition entry is open to everyone. It’s simple and transparent with no hidden fees. Honesty and transparency are key to us. Once you’re in, you’re in.

Everyone is a winner

There are enough trophies and prizes for every entrant, so no-one goes home empty handed. And with scholarships, mentoring, and stacks of other stuff going on, there’s more than one way to walk away a winner.

Everyone is loved

We ensure every single performer gets plenty of cheers and applause, because we believe that’s what everyone deserves. Our mantra to our audience is simple: ‘Cheer or you’ll be out on your ear’.


“So much to be proud of this weekend! Thanks to everyone at 5,6,7,8 Elite Dance Competition for creating such a positive, encouraging environment!” #BlevinsAcademyFam

“Outstanding competition, very professionally organised and run over the 3 days...I don't know how you do it girls!! And if this competition continues to grow as it has been doing, think you may move it to the SSE!!!” 'Katrina Todd'

“Today was my daughters first time competing at this event and I absolutely loved it as did she, such a wee organised and run event with a brilliant fun atmosphere, thank you for a fantastic day from myself and my daughter Chloe”


Our sponsor packages will be available from July 2023. Could you be the next person or company to bring a young dancers dream info reality?

A celebration of artistry and inclusion

5678 Elite Competitions bring together the best dancers and dance schools from across Ireland. They’re unlike any other festival or dancing competition, because there’s much more to them than just competing. By rewarding creativity, individuality and artistry we show that learning, fun and inclusion are as enjoyable and important as winning cups or medals. The competition is aimed at children and young adults talented in a range of dance forms including ballet, street, jazz, lyrical, acro and many more.

The best learn
from the best

To become the best dancer possible, you’ve got to learn from the best possible dance teachers. That’s exactly what we’ve lined up for all our Associates Programme members. If you want to reach for the stars our world-renowned faculty can show you the way - they’ve all been there and back quite a few times already.

We've got it,
if you want it

We want all our associates to achieve their goals, no matter what they are. Our version of success is every single programme member finding a pathway that excites them and continues to sustain their love of dance for the rest of their lives. If that sounds like the perfect plan, come on in. We’re ready to go when you are.

By dancers,
for dancers

Programme members learn and grow by following a carefully considered series of workshops, lessons and one-to-one sessions. The plan has been created by world-renowned performers who are experts in the foundation training needed to become a successful artist with a realistic and sustainable future within the dance world.